Drink More Move More Quick Workout

January 14, 2015


Hi! I hope you’re having a great start to your new year. I know that keeping up the momentum and excitement that comes with the new year can be difficult. We often have aspirations and set goals that we truly wish to accomplish, but as time goes on, we get caught up in life and what is going on around us. It’s hard to stay focused on goals when reports are due, a loved one needs extra care, finances get strained… There are so many things that can get us off track. Sometimes it’s necessary to put things on hold, and other times we need only to manage our time better and make our goals a priority. Whatever is needed, whether it’s a break from goals to focus on a crisis or scheduling time to make goals a priority, I have found one trick that keeps my goals from being forgotten. I keep an image or written list of my goals in a visible place where I can see and/or read them each day. Even when I’m not able to focus on my goals for a time, seeing them (almost daily) keeps me from forgetting about them. When I finish writing my goals, I include a paragraph or two about why those goals are important to me. I keep those paragraphs in a safe place. When I’m feeling crappy, unmotivated, and down right discouraged and I can’t see the point in continuing with my goals, I read those paragraphs. I find myself immediately inspired again. I may not jump right back to working toward my goals, but I certainly start feeling positive about the goals again. That feeling eventually gets me moving in the right direction. This system has not failed me once.

Now, as we continue with our challenge this month, here is a Drink More Move More Quick Workout, as promised. This is a 10 minute interval workout that I like. I wanted to share it with you, along with a great quote. Enjoy!

~ Cece

Drink More Move More Quick Workout 1

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