Sexy Strengthening and Shaping Workout

Check out the Sexy Strengthening and Shaping workout we put up on YouTube yesterday. It is a fun workout with 6 exercises to really challenge your strength and power, as well as your endurance. Get fit, have fun, and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the Read More

The Basics: Occupational Health and Wellness

I have to do it. You probably have to do it. I mean, who doesn’t have to do it? I’m talking about working. Sure, there are a few people that may be able to get by without working, but are they really? I mean, if you have to make appearances Read More

The Basics: Social Health and Wellness

Parents, children, bosses, bus drivers, schoolmates, co-workers, grandparents, cousins, stepparents…they are our friends, family, loved ones, and enemies. Who you spend time with can have a significant impact on your life, and your happiness. Some people empower and inspire us. Other people diminish, and lower us. Have you ever had Read More

The Basics: Brain and Cognitive Health and Wellness

What time is it? What do I have to do today? What do I want to do today? How will I structure my time? How much money do I need to bring for dinner tonight? Where did I leave my keys? Why is blue so blue? Should I eat this…Questions. Read More

Cooking with Cece: Prepping Avocados

As you know, I love to eat. When I came across avocados, I thought they were just good for eating with nachos. I loved the smooth and creamy texture of avocados in guacamole. It was such a delight that I knew it couldn’t possibly be good for me. Imagine my Read More

Tighten and Tone AMRAP Workout

Have fun with this Tighten and Tone AMRAP workout. It’s a 10 minute, 4 exercise workout. The goal is to get in As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP). If you like this workout, give us a “thumbs up” and check out our YouTube channel. Let me know what you think of Read More

Fats, Healthy?

By now you have probably heard that fat is a necessary component of a healthy diet. In fact, our bodies produce fat from carbohydrates and proteins, and then store that fat for energy! The questions are how much fat and what types of fats are acceptable in a healthy diet? Read More

Recipe – Simple Turkey Burger

Ingredients: – 1 pound of ground turkey – 1/2 to 3/4 cup plain oatmeal (uncooked) Seasonings (your choice): – Salt and pepper to taste Preparation: Place all ingredients and seasonings into a mixing bowl. Mix everything together utilizing a spoon or your hand. Roll mixture into burger patties (makes 4-6 Read More

Washing Fruits and Veggies

Now, I know I may be a little overzealous when it comes to washing fruits and vegetables, but come on, they grow out of the ground and are fertilized with poop and old rotting plants. Would you eat compost from a compost pile? In addition, many plants are covered with Read More

The Basics: Financial Health and Wellness

When I was a kid, I remember that I was always trying to get money together to buy something. From selling my Halloween candy, to babysitting, to selling my clothes, I was quite the businesswoman. I learned the value of a dollar, and the benefits of saving (especially when it Read More