Tighten and Tone AMRAP Workout

August 22, 2012

Have fun with this Tighten and Tone AMRAP workout. It’s a 10 minute, 4 exercise workout. The goal is to get in As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP). If you like this workout, give us a “thumbs up” and check out our YouTube channel. Let me know what you think of this workout in the comments section. Enjoy!

~ Cece

Advanced Instructions
1) Mountain Climbers x20
2) Log Roll to Single Leg V-up x10
3) Push Up Burpee x20
4) Log Roll to V-up, or V-ups x10

Beginner Instructions
1) Wall Mountain Climbers x20
2) Standing Oblique Crunch, or Oblique Crunch x10
3) Wall Push Up with Squat x10
4) Crunches, or Double Crunch x20

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