The Basics: Financial Health and Wellness

August 17, 2012

When I was a kid, I remember that I was always trying to get money together to buy something. From selling my Halloween candy, to babysitting, to selling my clothes, I was quite the businesswoman. I learned the value of a dollar, and the benefits of saving (especially when it was my money).

Nowadays, financial health and wellness is of the utmost importance. Jobs have been hard to come by, and people are being laid off. Healthcare costs and mortgages are difficult to manage, with many people going into debt and losing homes. Baby boomers are getting older, and their parents are living longer. As we recover from a struggling economy, it is evident that even with good planning and preparation, the cost of living is, at times, more that we can afford.

The purpose of this section of the blog is to teach healthy financial habits in order to live well financially. There will be tips on money management and learning how to cut costs through good planning. Topics to be discussed include:
– budgeting and planned spending
– saving
– getting out of debt
– investing
– managing your accounts
– using credit cards
– building credit
– finding a deal
– supplemental income
Get prepared to learn the skills you need to take charge of your financial future.

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~ Cece

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