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Healthy habits through weekly or monthly challenges

Hydrating Skin Treatments

As you know, or maybe you don’t…eating is one of my favorite things. So imagine my glee when I learned that I could put food on my face, and still benefit from it! We absorb all sorts of things through our skin. Of course skin is our first layer of Read More

Drink More Move More Quick Workout

  Hi! I hope you’re having a great start to your new year. I know that keeping up the momentum and excitement that comes with the new year can be difficult. We often have aspirations and set goals that we truly wish to accomplish, but as time goes on, we Read More

Better New Year’s Resolutions

My husband and I were talking, and he asked, “have you made any suggestions for New Year’s resolutions.” I said, “no. I don’t feel like people really value resolutions so I’m just focusing on the challenge for this month.” That lead to a discussion about how resolutions are difficult and often Read More

Drink More Move More Challenge

As the air gets colder and drier, you may feel the same thing is happening to your skin. You may also find it harder to get motivated to exercise, especially after the holidays. This month we are focusing on hydration and health with the Drink More, Move More challenge. That is Read More

The 7 Days Challenge

This month we are focusing on change. The challenge is to do something positive, that benefits you or those around you, for 7 days. This “something” can’t be something you are already doing consistently. It can, however, be something that you used to do but have gotten away from. For Read More

Put Yourself First with the “HIIT & Run” Challenge

Are you ready for the “HIIT & Run” challenge? If you are too busy, then READ THIS! You have to put yourself first in order to take care of everything and everyone else. I know you are busy and finding time to work out and eat right can be a Read More

Live and Love in the Moment!

Are you living in the moment, or are you grieving about when things will end? It’s August. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people saying, “the summer is almost over.” They look so exasperated. As though life is passing them by, and yet another summer has somehow Read More

Gridiron Challenge: Workout Update 1

Today was UB workout day. I was out of town on Monday so I did my fit test on Tuesday, and began my workouts today (Wednesday). Here is the breakdown: Supersets (3 sets, 8-12 reps each set) –          Bench press on Smith machine(85 pounds, 10 reps)/Bent over row (60 pounds, Read More

Gridiron Challenge: Sample Week of Workouts

After the fit test, which is used to establish a base line fitness level, the workouts begin. Below is a sample of what a week of workouts can look like for this challenge. If you are the type to enjoy steady state cardio (i.e. getting on a piece of cardio Read More

Gridiron Challenge Workout and Nutrition

The goals of this exercise program are to improve strength, power, agility, and endurance. Different types of exercises will be included in the challenge for this month. There will be 3 days per week of strength and endurance training, 2 days per week of agility training, and 2 rest days (with Read More