Live and Love in the Moment!

August 5, 2013
Live and love in the moment

Live and love in the moment

Are you living in the moment, or are you grieving about when things will end? It’s August. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people saying, “the summer is almost over.” They look so exasperated. As though life is passing them by, and yet another summer has somehow managed to evade them. Well not for us! Our focus for this month is “The Fun Doesn’t Have to End!” And why would the fun end? People get so caught up in the whole “summer is ending” mindset and they lose sight of how much there is to do in August, or any time for that matter! Don’t focus on the end of the thing. Time passing isn’t the same as goal setting. Of course you have to focus on the goal you want to accomplish, but even with that, you have to start working toward the goal at some point. For that reason I say, plan for the future, but live in the moment. So let’s have FUN!

This month our food of the month is peaches, which are freaking delicious! Comment below if you grew up eating homemade peach cobbler and peach pie with ice cream. Also, we have two challenges to help us enjoy the fun of August and do something for ourselves!

Challenge number 1 is the “HIIT & Run” challenge, which pairs high intensity interval workouts for running and for strength training. The purpose of these workouts is to burn fat, strengthen muscles, improve endurance, and along with a healthy diet, facilitate weight loss. This is a workout focused challenge, but as they say, weight loss is 80% nutrition. That is why every week I’ll be posting nutrition tips on Facebook, so keep an eye out!

Challenge number 2 is the “Make Your #heartsmile Daily” challenge. This challenge is about taking time out every day to make your heart smile. Whether it is through doing something for yourself, or through doing something for someone else, take time out daily to bring joy to someone’s life.

I’ll be posting calendars to track your progress in two separate posts (one for each challenge), so look through the “Challenges” tab, under “You and Your Fortune.”

“Keep your eyes on the prize” and all when you are working toward a goal. When it comes to living and loving, be in the moment. Enjoy your family, friends, and loved ones right now. Enjoy your life right now. Time doesn’t last forever, so maximize each moment!

Alright, let’s do this!

~ Cece

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