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Healthy habits through weekly or monthly challenges

Gridiron Challenge Fit Test

Below is the fit test for the Gridiron Challenge. I will be using this as a measure for how well my clients are doing at the begining and end of the challenge. I will also be monitoring BMI, body fat, and weight. Fit Test 1) Jump Squats for 45 seconds Read More

November: Gridiron Challenge

Welcome to November! There is so much going on this month. Time changes, election day, basketball and football, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving (United States), World Peace Day, Diabetes Month, National Healthy Skin Month…and on and on. This is a busy time of year, with school, family, holidays, and the continuation of Read More

Fall in Love: With Yourself

The one person you will spend all of your time with, day and night, is you. You can’t get away from yourself. Wherever you go, you will find yourself there. You can’t run fast enough, or hide well enough to escape yourself. Since this is the case, it is important Read More

Fall in Love: Nature Walk

~ Cece

October Challenge “Fall in Love”

I love the Fall. The weather becomes a bit cooler, but not too cool. Going outside is more inviting, as the temperatures are less extreme. Outdoor activities are innumerable. The leaves on the trees change colors and turn the outdoors into a brilliant landscape of warm, rainbow colors. The colors Read More

September 5&5 Challenge! Week 4: Finishing Strong

It has been 3 weeks and we are well into the 5&5 challenge. We have worked on getting started, building consistency, and PPC (progress, plan, and be consistent). As you can see, consistency is a big part of this challenge! Week 4 is about finishing strong, and a major part Read More

September 5 and 5 challenge! Week 3: PROGRESS, PLAN, be CONSISTENT

We are progressing through our 5&5 challenge, and the key word here is progress. When it comes to your workouts, it is important that you don’t spend all of your time doing the same things over and over again. This can slow down your progress. That doesn’t mean do a Read More

September 5 and 5 challenge! Week 2: Building Consistency

I hope you had a good first week. Our focus this week is on consistency. If you missed a workout or didn’t do as well with your nutrition as you expected, don’t worry. Building your health and wellness is a process. It isn’t something that magically happens. It is something Read More

September 5&5 challenge! Week 1: Get Started

Week 1: Get started There are 7 days in a week. The challenge for September is to take 5 of those days and commit to exercise and good nutrition. Below I have listed some specifics about the challenge. Remember, I am not a nutritionist, so these are just suggestions regarding Read More