Picking, Fun?

June 5, 2013

Strawberry Indulgence

I love gardening and believe I must have been a happy farmer in my past life. I probably had a small piece of land that I loved, and grew my own organic produce. I probably prepared my meals fresh from the garden to the table. Now, I let my little herb garden suffice. So what was my bright idea this weekend? Let’s go strawberry picking on a sunny, 90 degree, humid day! I mean, I had a hat. Who knew that picking strawberries was serious, crawling around in the dirt looking for ripe berries, work? I sure didn’t. By then end of it, though, I was happy and glad for the experience.

~ Cece 20130601_113550 20130601_113050 Strawberry Picking Cece 20130601_113546 20130601_113058 Strawberry Picking Cece 2 Urban Gardener Strawberry Baskets

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