Running (I Mean Jogging…Walking) Again

June 4, 2013

It is getting warm outside. That means no excuse for not going out and putting some mileage on these sneakers. Yesterday was terrible. I thought for a moment that maybe I was dying. Should I be nauseas? Does anybody else sweat like this? Am I actually panting? Why did I choose the route with the huge hill? Could I drink from that sprinkler without looking suspicious? I could not figure out how running had become so hard. It isn’t like I was going fast. I wasn’t going slowly, but not fast either. Somewhere around 9:30 minutes per mile. Alright, honestly, that is fast for me. Well, I eventually had to revert to walking-jogging intervals. It was rough. My legs felt good, but Lord was it hard to get my breathing under control! I got in 3.42 miles in 37:32 minutes, and every bit of it was a struggle.


Today was better. I was able to jog the whole time and cover 3.15 miles in 30:53 minutes. Maybe it was because it was a new day. Or maybe it was the fact that it wasn’t humid and 80 something degrees on a day during which I had very little water. Maybe it was the wine I had the night before that first run. Whatever it was, I don’t know, but today was definitely better than yesterday. I think I may try this again later in the week.

~ Cece

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