Much Ado about Peanut Butter

August 11, 2012

The only ingredient is peanut butter.

I’m trying out a natural (NPB) versus regular (RPB) peanut butter. I selected two brands to compare. When compared to the RPB, the NPB has: 6% less sodium, 1g less sugar, 2g or 3% more fat, 20 more calories per, and 1g more of protein. RPB has sugar, salt, and hydrogenated oils added. The sugar and carbs in the NPB are about half that of the RPB. The additional fat in NPB is likely unsaturated, which is healthier than saturated fats, and may help to lower cholesterol in the blood. Additionally, the NPB has no hydrogenated oils, which are known to increase heart disease risk due to the elevated levels of trans fatty acids. The RPB is made with hydrogenated oil, but the label list trans fats at 0g, so this may not be an issue. Overall, it would appear that NPB is healthier than RPB. My take, peanut butter, in general, is good for you (as long as you aren’t allergic). Be sure to moderate your portion. Don’t overdo it. If you can switch from RPB to NPB, go for it. If not, then try to eat the RPB without the addition of jelly or other sweeteners. I tend to add honey to peanut butter sandwiches, so I am going to try sticking with the NPB to cut down on my sugar consumption.

2 commnets on “Much Ado about Peanut Butter

  1. We eat a lot of peanut butter in my house, and I always try to buy natural. We now prefer the taste of the actual peanuts without the added sugar. salt and fats. And yes, moderate your portion- those calories can add up quickly!

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