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Making Soup

I love making soup. You can find me year round eating a bowl of this good stuff, even during the warm summer months. I love a good bowl of chicken noodle soup, or a creamy bowl of broccoli soup. Why wouldn’t I love soup? It’s a healthy girl’s dream. I Read More

Much Ado about Peanut Butter

I’m trying out a natural (NPB) versus regular (RPB) peanut butter. I selected two brands to compare. When compared to the RPB, the NPB has: 6% less sodium, 1g less sugar, 2g or 3% more fat, 20 more calories per, and 1g more of protein. RPB has sugar, salt, and Read More

The Basics: Building Your Base with an Active Lifestyle, Good Nutrition, and Preventative Care Part III

Do you know about the 80/20 rule? Well, as far as nutrition goes, it is recommended that healthy eating occur a minimum of 80% of the time, leaving leeway 20% of the time. I have also heard that when it comes to changing your body, 80% of your weight management Read More