We Are NOT Perfect

June 3, 2013

Yummy DessertI love being a personal trainer and health and wellness enthusiast. That being said, as a collective group, we personal trainers, group exercise instructors, PE teachers, and other health and wellness enthusiast are not perfect. Welcome to my thoughts and rants about living a healthy lifestyle. The things I eat, my activity level, and my random thoughts may be surprising to you. The point is that we are not perfect. I guess I can only speak for myself and my friends, but just because we live and love health and wellness does not mean that we don’t have a drink once in a while and eat sweet and salty foods. We don’t get exactly 8 hours of sleep, workout every day, and live on fruits, vegetables, and water. We are regular people, and we are as different in our health and wellness behaviors as everyone else. I hope the posts can bring you a smile, and at the least, help you feel a little better about your personal struggles with living a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy!

~ Cece

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