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Quick Tips for Eating Well on the Road

One challenge I have when I’m on the road, is finding healthy food. Now, I’m going to be honest with you. When I’m traveling, I don’t always eat healthy. I let things slide a bit, but just a bit. I prefer to eat well most of the time. That means whole foods, and less Read More

The 7 Days Challenge

This month we are focusing on change. The challenge is to do something positive, that benefits you or those around you, for 7 days. This “something” can’t be something you are already doing consistently. It can, however, be something that you used to do but have gotten away from. For Read More

September 5&5 challenge! Week 1: Get Started

Week 1: Get started There are 7 days in a week. The challenge for September is to take 5 of those days and commit to exercise and good nutrition. Below I have listed some specifics about the challenge. Remember, I am not a nutritionist, so these are just suggestions regarding Read More

Why Don’t We Exercise?

As a personal trainer, I have worked hard to assist in improving the health and wellness of my clients, friends, and loved ones. Still, I find that people have a difficult time remaining involved in healthy living behaviors. It is not uncommon, as the number of people who are overweight Read More

The Basics: Building Your Base with an Active Lifestyle, Good Nutrition, and Preventative Care Part IV

Water. What about water?! Well of course water is important! Your body is over 50% water (ranges are from 50-75% on average). You can barely live for 3 days without water, especially if you are me, the perpetually dehydrated. I carry around a 24 ounce water bottle all day. Almost Read More

The Basics: Building Your Base with an Active Lifestyle, Good Nutrition, and Preventative Care Part III

Do you know about the 80/20 rule? Well, as far as nutrition goes, it is recommended that healthy eating occur a minimum of 80% of the time, leaving leeway 20% of the time. I have also heard that when it comes to changing your body, 80% of your weight management Read More

Welcome to Fortunes, Food, & Fitness LLC

  updated April 16, 2015 Welcome to Fortunes, Food, & Fitness LLC! I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences in health and wellness with you. Good health and wellness are not things to be mastered. They’re made up of a series of habits and behaviors that require persistence, not perfection. Through persistently pursuing Read More