July 8, 2012

Generally, with the type of services offered on this site, we would interact directly with individuals to provide screening and assessment. Due to the lack of our ability to interact directly with all individuals accessing this site on an in-person manner as we would during personal training, coaching, and other services, we have posted our disclaimer. Please read the disclaimer below to maintain the safety of both parties.

Disclaimer: The information and services on this site, and other Fortunes, Food, and Fitness LLC sites, are not meant to be utilized to diagnose or treat any medical condition, nor to take the place of your health care professional. The information is researched and prepared with the best efforts of the Fortunes, Food, & Fitness LLC team, but we do not make any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, and applicability of the information. We make no guaranties that the use of the information provided on this site will improve health and wellness. The information and services provided are for entertainment and educational purposes. The team at Fortunes, Food, & Fitness LLC shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential, or punitive damages that occur through the use of any information or services through Fortunes, Food, & Fitness LLC sites. In addition, when a source of information is referenced either directly or indirectly, it does not necessarily constitute or imply the endorsement of the products or services of that source. Use of the information and services provided is at your own risk, and you are fully responsible for your actions. Nutrition and exercise information, as well as information utilized for improving psychological well-being and financial health should be sought from a professional, such as a nutritionist, physician, licensed trainer, psychiatrist, and/or other professionals as indicated.

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