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Gridiron Challenge: Sample Week of Workouts

After the fit test, which is used to establish a base line fitness level, the workouts begin. Below is a sample of what a week of workouts can look like for this challenge. If you are the type to enjoy steady state cardio (i.e. getting on a piece of cardio Read More

Gridiron Challenge Workout and Nutrition

The goals of this exercise program are to improve strength, power, agility, and endurance. Different types of exercises will be included in the challenge for this month. There will be 3 days per week of strength and endurance training, 2 days per week of agility training, and 2 rest days (with Read More

Gridiron Challenge Fit Test

Below is the fit test for the Gridiron Challenge. I will be using this as a measure for how well my clients are doing at the begining and end of the challenge. I will also be monitoring BMI, body fat, and weight. Fit Test 1) Jump Squats for 45 seconds Read More