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Workouts, exercises, and tips/tricks for how to get the most out of your exercise routines.

Cardio Workout

Here is the cardio workout to go along with the strength workout from July 16, 2012. There are several options for working in the strength and cardio workouts. You can do them both in the same day, or you can have a cardio day, followed by a strength day. The Read More

Tutorial on Form, Beginner (to Advanced) Strength Workout

Alright, I wanted to make sure that we had some workouts available for beginners, and to be sure that people were using the correct form. Take a look at the tutorial, which covers basic form for common exercises. Tutorial on Form for Common Exercises There is also the strength workout Read More

Burn and Firm Body Weight Workout

Alright, I have gotten some feedback from the first workout, and I am posting a second that we (Robert and I) filmed the same night. We are planning to film a beginner’s basic workout, as well as provide a video on correct form and technique for several common exercises. We Read More

Our First Workout Post: The Intense Ball Workout

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the “Workouts” section of our blog, and our first workout post: The Intense Ball Workout. The primary focus of the content in this section will be exercise and physical activity as a means of achieving physical, mental, and spiriutal wellness. We will be posting workouts and information Read More